“When was the last time you put spiritual and sexual in the same sentence? Spiritual Hottie’s Diary offers a unique and unforgettable view of the journey to bodacious enlightenment.”
 ~ Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

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“Women's erotica is rarely portrayed in such a fun and enlightening way. Spiritual Hottie’s Diary is the book that every spiritual, sexual woman wishes had been written about her!
 ~ EM Richter, Author of The Secret of the Storyteller  and Founder of Brave Ecstatic Woman


How in the World Did You Come Up with the Idea?

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Ok, But What's In It For Me?

“Wow…what a wild ride this book took me on! I thought I had led a relatively hot life until I read Spiritual Hottie’s Diary... And then I read some out loud to my wife, until she turned off the lights to not go to sleep. ”
~ Ken Streater, Author of The Gift of Courage
So, join Yvonne, the “spiritual hottie,” as she learns to step outside her comfort zone to embrace her inner sexy diva and reinvent herself. Inspired by some of the world’s best masters of self-discovery and seasoned with sensual pleasures, her whimsical adventures will inspire you to begin discovering your own inner knowledge, radiance, and sensuality. Think of the Diary's ten stories as a happy hour thrown by Deepak Chopra and Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Not as unlikely a duo as you might think!
Yvonne's diary will show you how to love your body and feel delightful no matter the body type; embrace all of your life experiences; listen to your gut; let passion lead the way; quiet the mind to discover a world beyond words, and much more while having hot fun. And if Yvonne can become bilingual in spirituality and sexuality, so can you!
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About The Author

Janna Seagull is a storyteller, speaker, performer, and adventurer, and definitely a spiritual hottie “in the making.” She is also a doctor, though not a medical one. But if she were an MD, she would prescribe reading one good story a day to keep life’s blues away.
Janna lives in Washington, D.C. and loves this small (for a national capital) southern city with the heart and mind of a global metropolis. By day, Janna is a data detective who turns demographic and economic statistics into stories about how our society works. By night, she writes sizzling stories that turn women into adventurous, sexy divas.

Spiritual Hottie’s Diary is her debut story collection.

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